What is Michael doing? (By Rev. Kaufman)

I'm sorry, I forgot where did I found this beautiful words.. I've tried to googling, but didn't found it (again).. I thought I should not post this, but it is too beautiful not to share it.. Meanwhile, I'll keep trying to find the link.. and please let me know if you know it.. -thank you-

What is Michael doing? (By Rev. Kaufman)

It is charming and heartwarming to think of Michael as having no restrictions now. Of being able to fly like Peter Plan. Freely moving about the Universe, able to be in more than one place at a time. Changing locations in the blink of an eye by simply thinking it so. Moonwalking on the real surface of his favorite nighttime fantasy.

To whoosh now and instantly visit fans and loyal supporters everywhere in the world. To watch their loving ministrations to the world in your name and on your behalf. To quietly thank them knowing some will hear you, some will feel you and some will just know how grateful you are.

To slip in and out of their dreams leaving quietly before morning. To touch their cheek or their neck or brush their eyelids and place your hand in theirs while appreciating their real beauty. To stare at their shimmering soul in all its color and splendor. To know that you thought them lovely before but see them as stunningly beautiful from this new space.

To be able to still feel their love for you only amplified because there is no barrier to love, no boundary it cannot cross and no heart that is closed to it from here.

To find yourself with a lofty freedom: no restrictions, no limitations, no need for a mask or security guards, no cameras snapping pictures without permission. In fact, you can hardly remember it. To look in the mirror of boundless love and clearly and really see yourself through them, through those who loved you on earth. And to feel intensely how they loved you.

To touch your mother's love and your father's pride, and yes, his love too, and the tender longings of your siblings to go back to earlier times. To tap their shoulders once in awhile if only to remind them of the silly games of youth.

To hear the color of the wind and see the music in the water, to feel the land and clutch the fire. To walk the landscape that takes your breath away if you needed breath. Or sleep. There is no need for sleep now unless you choose it. And sometimes you, do knowing there are no more anguished nights of not being able to rest a body weary of the demands of a life lived nakedly and in service to all. To never again feel emotional stings from having to walk ahead to pick up the tabloid magazines and turn their faces to the wall so the children won't see. You can protect them now with a different kind of magic, so you do.

To stand beside your precious children and hear their tears and prayers for you knowing that there really is no distance, not when you love. To sing softly in their sleep and dance through their dreams while the moonlight plays on their faces.

To know that you lived well and loved well, that you gave all for all and that you were only here for God. And to rest in the peace of knowing you are, and always have been a favorite son.

That is how I like to think of Michael.

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