Dancing on minibus (public transportation)

I dunno why I want to post this stories, it just crossed my mind even though it happened on Christmas last year.

My cousin told a story about her 17th daughter..

One day, she (my cousin's daughter) and her sister went out using public transportation, a minibus. And in that minibus she saw a cripple busker singing and begging for money from the passengers. Since she saw the busker didn't get a good amount of money, suddenly - on that bus - she, voluntarily and without any permission, jumped out off her chair and dancing in front of the bus following the busker's rhythm!!!
And what did they get? Rp. 60.000, - (around US $6 -- in Indonesia you can treat 4-5 family members for a lunch in a small restaurant with that money).

It's not about the money though.. But noticing the amount, you could say that the passengers were entertained that they gave their money away to her and the busker...

Then, when she and her sister were out of the bus, her sister felt ashamed and said, "'ya know what, you better go with yourself, I'm not joining you.." (??)

Insight of the stories:
What my niece done is quite a bit ridiculous, admit that!
But we should look inside her heart, she has a very pure and innocent heart, she didn't care how the public sees her... Her altruistic behavior moves me, she didn't expect "a free ride" from that bus, or even expecting an applause or any form of appreciation from the audiences.. she really really wanted to help the cripple busker!

How many of us willing to do this spontaneous and concrete action to help others who needs our help?
Not to mention that she's 17 years old! Some might say she's a lil' girl, but not that little to know that there are people who'd feel awkward with her behavior. I know her sister did felt that way.. But, HEY, she was helping others! That the most important thing!

Her name is Natalia Maria Jesica, a lovely name, I call her "Kristina" or "Dede"..
Thank you, Dede, for inspiring your aunty. You have a great heart, keep the magnificent work, honey... I love you...

MJ Quotes:
"But if someone wants to do something good, they just can. They don't really need to worry about all that other stuff" ~ Michael Jackson ~

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