Through his songs..

When his songs shows his feelings, and ours..

Michael, [We've been together for such a long time]..
Though you keep searching your [Childhood], but you keep [sending out a major love] [for all the lost children], despite your feeling of being [abandoned in my (your) fame, armageddon of the brain] and the conspiracy around you that you've questioned [Why you stab me in the back] - thus we know [They kill for money] and keep saying that [only God could decide, who to live and who will die?].. are they think that they're god?

Well, [Nothing good ever comes easy] when the final curtain called for [This is it], it was under God decision that you probably would say "[I've got to find a place so I won't hide away].."
Tears falling, heart breaking, the Earth stopped in shock when the rhythm of [born to amuse,to inspire, to delight.. here one day, gone one night] played in every corner of nations around the world..

Dear Michael,
[Do you remember the time, those sweet memories, will always be dear to me]..
And for you, [I got to keep on walkin']...
... [I'm up again, I (will) never let you down] ...
[Every path you take you're leaving your legacy], and I'll promise to keep your legacies and protect it for you..
[We're on a mission in the everlasting light] We are here to change to world... Thank you, Michael..

Thus, [Maybe Tomorrow].. I'll get the chance to meet you...
In a different world..

"You are the book that I read each day...
You are the song that I sing"

see video here...

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