What is Michael doing? (By Rev. Kaufman)

I'm sorry, I forgot where did I found this beautiful words.. I've tried to googling, but didn't found it (again).. I thought I should not post this, but it is too beautiful not to share it.. Meanwhile, I'll keep trying to find the link.. and please let me know if you know it.. -thank you-

What is Michael doing? (By Rev. Kaufman)

It is charming and heartwarming to think of Michael as having no restrictions now. Of being able to fly like Peter Plan. Freely moving about the Universe, able to be in more than one place at a time. Changing locations in the blink of an eye by simply thinking it so. Moonwalking on the real surface of his favorite nighttime fantasy.

To whoosh now and instantly visit fans and loyal supporters everywhere in the world. To watch their loving ministrations to the world in your name and on your behalf. To quietly thank them knowing some will hear you, some will feel you and some will just know how grateful you are.

To slip in and out of their dreams leaving quietly before morning. To touch their cheek or their neck or brush their eyelids and place your hand in theirs while appreciating their real beauty. To stare at their shimmering soul in all its color and splendor. To know that you thought them lovely before but see them as stunningly beautiful from this new space.

To be able to still feel their love for you only amplified because there is no barrier to love, no boundary it cannot cross and no heart that is closed to it from here.

To find yourself with a lofty freedom: no restrictions, no limitations, no need for a mask or security guards, no cameras snapping pictures without permission. In fact, you can hardly remember it. To look in the mirror of boundless love and clearly and really see yourself through them, through those who loved you on earth. And to feel intensely how they loved you.

To touch your mother's love and your father's pride, and yes, his love too, and the tender longings of your siblings to go back to earlier times. To tap their shoulders once in awhile if only to remind them of the silly games of youth.

To hear the color of the wind and see the music in the water, to feel the land and clutch the fire. To walk the landscape that takes your breath away if you needed breath. Or sleep. There is no need for sleep now unless you choose it. And sometimes you, do knowing there are no more anguished nights of not being able to rest a body weary of the demands of a life lived nakedly and in service to all. To never again feel emotional stings from having to walk ahead to pick up the tabloid magazines and turn their faces to the wall so the children won't see. You can protect them now with a different kind of magic, so you do.

To stand beside your precious children and hear their tears and prayers for you knowing that there really is no distance, not when you love. To sing softly in their sleep and dance through their dreams while the moonlight plays on their faces.

To know that you lived well and loved well, that you gave all for all and that you were only here for God. And to rest in the peace of knowing you are, and always have been a favorite son.

That is how I like to think of Michael.


The Innocent Man, 2005

Written by Michael Jackson during his trial in 2005.

“If I sail to Acapulco or Cancun Mexico
There the law is waiting for me
and God knows that I’m innocent

If they wont take me in Cairo
then lord where will I go?

I’ll die a man without a country
and only God knew I was innocent now."

Michael Jackson's handwritten

Like the old Indian proverb says, do not judge a man until you’ve walked 2 moons in his moccasins.

Most people don’t know me. That is why they write such things in which most is not true. I cry very very often because it hurts and I worry about the children, all my children all over the world, I live for them.

If a man could say nothing against a character but what he could prove, history could not be written. Animals strike not from malice but because they want to live. It is the same with those who criticize, they desire our blood not our pain.

But still I must achieve, I must seek truth in all things, I must endure for the power I was sent forth, for the world, for the children. But have mercy, for I’ve been bleeding a long time now.



BOYCOTT $ONY, AEG & BRANCA - Conspiracy all around Michael, Part 1 (in bahasa Indonesia)

This video is from MUZIKfactory2's channel on youtube.

I added Indonesian subtitles so it'd be easier for MJ's fans from Indonesia to understand the CONSPIRACIES behind Michael Jackson's death.


Justice for Michael

(pic above made by @GIVE_IN_TO_ME)

I've been following any update news about Michael, especially those "Justice for Michael" tag line.. from the $ony conspiracies, irresponsibles and irrational rumors about him, using Michael's name for organizational beneficial, etc..
But.. I still have a lot to learn about all this stuff..

And I'm thinking..
Besides my love for Michael Jackson, why am I following this issues?
Why am I curious about the latest update(s)?
Why am I eager to search the connection between?
And why do I really want to be part of this cause, even though I realize that there's not much I can do from here, across the Pacific Ocean - separated by continents...

out of nowhere..
Something crossed my mind..

When the truth revealed,
When the conspiracies proved,
When Michael's name cleared from all of those garbage tabloids,
At that time, his name shall resound in space,
rumble of thunder knocking down people who has questioned,
or even hates him..

But, that's not all...

At that time,
People will notice and learn,
That cruel people does exist in this world
That there are a lot of greedy people of money
That there are also people who try to boosting their-own fame by taking sympathies from those who love Michael unconditionally ..!!

On the other hand..
People would realize...
That the truth conquers all..!
And there's a hope for a better life...
A hope based on LOVE through faith..

Michael Jackson, THE KING,
any news/issues about him shall be heard around the world
- Justice for Michael, is A STEP to Justice for all..! -

Tired of injustice
Tired of the schemes
The lies are disgusting
So what does it mean
Kicking me down
I got to get up
As jacked as it sounds
The whole system sucks

Peek in the shadow
Come into the light
You tell me I'm wrong
Then you better prove you're right
You're sellin' out souls but
I care about mine
I've got to get stronger
And I won't give up the fight


Dancing on minibus (public transportation)

I dunno why I want to post this stories, it just crossed my mind even though it happened on Christmas last year.

My cousin told a story about her 17th daughter..

One day, she (my cousin's daughter) and her sister went out using public transportation, a minibus. And in that minibus she saw a cripple busker singing and begging for money from the passengers. Since she saw the busker didn't get a good amount of money, suddenly - on that bus - she, voluntarily and without any permission, jumped out off her chair and dancing in front of the bus following the busker's rhythm!!!
And what did they get? Rp. 60.000, - (around US $6 -- in Indonesia you can treat 4-5 family members for a lunch in a small restaurant with that money).

It's not about the money though.. But noticing the amount, you could say that the passengers were entertained that they gave their money away to her and the busker...

Then, when she and her sister were out of the bus, her sister felt ashamed and said, "'ya know what, you better go with yourself, I'm not joining you.." (??)

Insight of the stories:
What my niece done is quite a bit ridiculous, admit that!
But we should look inside her heart, she has a very pure and innocent heart, she didn't care how the public sees her... Her altruistic behavior moves me, she didn't expect "a free ride" from that bus, or even expecting an applause or any form of appreciation from the audiences.. she really really wanted to help the cripple busker!

How many of us willing to do this spontaneous and concrete action to help others who needs our help?
Not to mention that she's 17 years old! Some might say she's a lil' girl, but not that little to know that there are people who'd feel awkward with her behavior. I know her sister did felt that way.. But, HEY, she was helping others! That the most important thing!

Her name is Natalia Maria Jesica, a lovely name, I call her "Kristina" or "Dede"..
Thank you, Dede, for inspiring your aunty. You have a great heart, keep the magnificent work, honey... I love you...

MJ Quotes:
"But if someone wants to do something good, they just can. They don't really need to worry about all that other stuff" ~ Michael Jackson ~


STOP...!! NOW!

Stop spreading lies..
Stop telling us fake statements..
Stop using Michael's name for your own benefit!

You're disrespecting Michael's legacy
You're being hypocrites
You're disturbing Michael's family!
Stop twisting the truth
Stop hiding the facts
And stop trying to make us confused-it's effortless!
Cause we're tuckered out by those fake faces....

At least ONCE in your lifetime,
Please DO: Leave Michael alone
Let him Rest in Peace...

As for us,
a lil' piece of Michael has brought us LOVE
But for you,
a lil' piece of Michael to gain you dollars!

When I see Michael

When I see Michael,
I see the hardship of life..
I see the world we're living...

When I see Michael,
I see the kindness of human
And I feel love touches me...

When I see Michael,
I see salvation..
I became optimist of my life..

But, when I see Michael,
I don't see God...
I see the messenger...

And I might never see God's face,
but I saw God's miracles every day of my life...
..one of it was Michael..

-by: @MJacksonwords-

"God gave me a mission, I feel, to do something for them and they have given me the support and the belief and the love to hold on, hold on. When I look in the mirror I feel healed all over again. It's like being baptized. It's like God saying, "Michael, everything will be ok," when I look in the eyes of a child."

"God and nature has blessed me with a voice. Now I want to use it to help children speak for themselves."

"Through the grace of God, I have been fortunate to have achieved many of my artistic and professional aspirations realised early in my lifetime."

"I can't take credit for it because its Gods work. He's just using me as the messenger."
~Michael Jackson~


Good Fight - by Paulo Coelho

- We must never stop dreaming. Dreams provide nourishment for the soul, just as a meal does for the body. Many times in our lives we see our dreams shattered and our desires frustrated, but we have to continue dreaming. If we don’t, our soul dies

The Good Fight is the one we Fight because our heart asks it of us.The Good Fight is the one that’s fought in the name of our dreams. When we are young our dreams first explode inside us with all of their force, we are very courageous, but we haven’t yet learned how to Fight. With great effort, we learn how to Fight, but by then we no longer have the courage to go into combat. So we turn against ourselves and do battle within. We become our own worst enemy. We say that our dreams were childish, or too difficult to realize, or the result or our not having known enough about life. We kill our dreams because we are afraid to Fight the Good Fight.

The first symptom of the process of killing our dreams is lack of time. The busiest people I have known in my life always have time enough to do everything. Those who do nothing are always tired and pay no attention to the little amount of work they are required to do. They complain constantly that the day is too short. The Truth is, they are afraid to Fight the Good Fight…

The second symptom of the death of our dreams lies in our certainties. Because we don’t want to see life as a grand adventure, we begin to think of ourselves as wise and fair and correct in asking so little of life. We look beyond the walls of our day-to-day existence, and we hear the sound of lances breaking, we smell the dust and the sweat, and we see the great defeats and the fire in the eyes of the warriors. But we never see the delight, the immense delight in the hearts of those engaged in the battle. For them, neither victory nor defeat is important; what’s important is only that they are Fighting the Good Fight.

“And, finally, the third symptom of the passing of our dreams is peace. Life becomes a Sunday afternoon; we ask for nothing grand, and we cease to demand anything more than we are willing to give. In that state we think of ourselves as being mature; we put aside the fantasies of our youth, and we seek personal and professional achievement. We are surprised when people our age say that they still want this or that out of life. But really, deep in our hearts, we know that what has happened is that we have renounced the battle for our dreams-we have refused to Fight the Good Fight.

“When we renounce our dreams and find peace, we go through a period of tranquility. But the dead dreams begin to rot within us and to infect our entire being. We become cruel to those around us, and then we begin to direct this cruelty against ourselves.
“What we sought to avoid in combat-disappointment and defeat-came upon us because of our cowardice. And one day, the dead, spoiled dreams make it difficult to breath, and we actually seek death. It’s death that frees us from out certainties, from our work, and from that terrible peace of Sunday afternoons.”

-Paulo Coelho-

Long time battle of the world

"Do we give a damn?" -with all the evil around us-
> The power of injustice system,
> Lies became the truth,
> Love being misunderstood

It happens!
"Where ignorance is bliss, 'Tis folly to be wise." ~ Thomas Gray

It's a long time battle of the world..
Angel's warrior vs the Evil and its kind..
the truth vs deceitfulness in the mask of lies, betrayals, backstaps, meretricious, forgery, molestation..
- while the truth only stands for LOVE.

But, No, open fights are not part of love's dictionary. Love doesn't attact aggresively instead teaching other the meanings of LOVE itself..
Because those who has love inside their heart would NOT understand that EVIL-and-its-kind..
Those who has love would realize that EVIL-and-its-kind were created based on lack of love, lack of unconditional love.
They should not be attacked, but try to approach and show them love.. Show them that they're loved...

That doesn't mean Love never fight. But before it fights, one must know his/her dream of life...
... if "Heal the World" is your dream - as well as Michael..
... of course love fights, but in a GOOD FIGHT.

Michael fought for his dream, that's why he is loved by so many people around the world..

..That's... what I learn from Michael...

Quotes - Michael's own words
Q: With Hitler? Come on. Michael! Hitler?! So you don't believe there is anyone who is completely evil and there is no way to touch them. So you don't believe in punishing the wicked because then...
Michael Jackson: "No, I believe you have to help them, give them therapy. You have to teach them, that somewhere something in their life went wrong. They don't see what they do. They don't understand that it is wrong a lot of times."

Descent from Heaven

Michael falls back down to earth because he knows his fans are missing him!

RIP Michael!

>> from http://www.flickr.com/photos/purplegothicqueen/3994279294/in/set-72157621655308333/ << great pics of MJ

When we must smile...

pic from http://www.coolchaser.com/graphics/475150

When the greatest magician died,
We may not see his ilusion of life..
When the greatest painter died,
We may see him through his paints

When the greatest comedian died,
We'd surprise that it is one of his show that is not funny, and so we're not laugh..
When the greatest actor/actress died,
His act will still remain in the movies

When the greatest entertainer died,
We shall enjoy his performance through his legacy

And we believe that those people has leave us with memories to share..

But when the purest Angel died,
We must smile and thankful
Cause he finally went home, a peaceful home..
and he leaves us with a mission to complete,
An everlasting mission of LOVE..

...for my purest Angel, Michael J. Jackson...


Planet Earth

Planet Earth, my home, my place
A capricious anomaly in the sea of space

Planet Earth are you just
Floating by, a cloud of dust
A minor globe, about to bust
A piece of metal bound to rust
A speck of matter in a mindless void
A lonely spaceship, a large asteroid

Cold as a rock without a hue
Held together with a bit of glue
Something tells me this isn't true
You are my sweetheart, soft and blue

Do you care, have you a part
In the deepest emotions of my own heart
Tender with breezes, caressing and whole
Alive with music, haunting my soul.

In my veins I've felt the mystery
Of corridors of time, books of history
Life songs of ages throbbing in my blood
Have danced the rhythm of the tide and flood

Your misty clouds, your electric storm
Were turbulent tempests in my own form
I've licked the salt, the bitter, the sweet
Of every encounter, of passion, of heat

Your riotous color, your fragrance, your taste
Have thrilled my senses beyond all haste

In your beauty, I've known the how
Of timeless bliss, this moment of now

Planet Earth are you just
Floating by, a cloud of dust
A minor globe, about to bust
A piece of metal bound to rust
A speck of matter in a mindless void
A lonely spaceship, a large asteroid
Cold as a rock without a hue

Held together with a bit of glue
Something tells me this isn't true
You are my sweetheart gentle and blue

Do you care, have you a part
In the deepest emotions of my own heart
Tender with breezes, caressing and whole
Alive with music, haunting my soul.

Planet Earth, gentle and blue
With all my heart, I love you.

This video is how I describe my feelings for the Planet Earth.
It's my own collection, captured panorama from my country.

Planet Earth is a beautiful place,
I love this planet,
how come you don't love it when you've seen the greatness and full of grace in it? :)

"Wherever you go, man-made things are man-made, but you’ve got to get out and see God’s beauty of the world." ~ Michael Jackson ~



Through his songs..

When his songs shows his feelings, and ours..

Michael, [We've been together for such a long time]..
Though you keep searching your [Childhood], but you keep [sending out a major love] [for all the lost children], despite your feeling of being [abandoned in my (your) fame, armageddon of the brain] and the conspiracy around you that you've questioned [Why you stab me in the back] - thus we know [They kill for money] and keep saying that [only God could decide, who to live and who will die?].. are they think that they're god?

Well, [Nothing good ever comes easy] when the final curtain called for [This is it], it was under God decision that you probably would say "[I've got to find a place so I won't hide away].."
Tears falling, heart breaking, the Earth stopped in shock when the rhythm of [born to amuse,to inspire, to delight.. here one day, gone one night] played in every corner of nations around the world..

Dear Michael,
[Do you remember the time, those sweet memories, will always be dear to me]..
And for you, [I got to keep on walkin']...
... [I'm up again, I (will) never let you down] ...
[Every path you take you're leaving your legacy], and I'll promise to keep your legacies and protect it for you..
[We're on a mission in the everlasting light] We are here to change to world... Thank you, Michael..

Thus, [Maybe Tomorrow].. I'll get the chance to meet you...
In a different world..

"You are the book that I read each day...
You are the song that I sing"

see video here...

With a Child's Heart, Enjoy Yourself

It’s been quite hectic at the office for the past two weeks, but somehow, I succeeded dealt with it. And I thank God for that. He always gives me the strength to continue my work.

In addition, my love to Michael Jackson would never stop, since he’s the one who reminds me –through his music and words- to keep fighting and have fun in this world.

During my hectic life as a ‘corporate slave’, and when the work-atmosphere seems to give you so much pressure that you hardly can’t bear with it, I remember Michael’s once said:
“A professor may degrade you, but you will not feel degraded, a BOSS may crush you, but you will not be crushed, a corporate gladiator might vanquish you, but you will still triumph.”
That Michael’s words that keeps me holding myself together.

Thus problems will never stop follows as long as you live. Wherever you go, whenever you are, you definitely must deal with any problems of life. What we have to do is..just face those problems and look at it “With A Child's Heart”.
“With a child's heart, turn each problem into play, no need to worry no need to fear..
Just being alive makes it all so very clear.. You shouldn't worry about the things you can't control”
“Oh with a child's heart, Nothing's gonna get me down”
“Take life easy, so easy nice and easy”

Doesn’t that lyrics comfort you? We don’t have to worry because there are things that we can not control; problems comes everyday, and we might not have the power control most of it, so relax and “Enjoy Yourself
“Why don't you live, live the life you got… Come on girl, let's get it!”

Problems are part of life, and problems that makes us live, but worries are not part of it. Life is like a playground, so enjoy your play, enjoy you life, Enjoy Yourself!

*I keep telling this to myself though* :)