Long time battle of the world

"Do we give a damn?" -with all the evil around us-
> The power of injustice system,
> Lies became the truth,
> Love being misunderstood

It happens!
"Where ignorance is bliss, 'Tis folly to be wise." ~ Thomas Gray

It's a long time battle of the world..
Angel's warrior vs the Evil and its kind..
the truth vs deceitfulness in the mask of lies, betrayals, backstaps, meretricious, forgery, molestation..
- while the truth only stands for LOVE.

But, No, open fights are not part of love's dictionary. Love doesn't attact aggresively instead teaching other the meanings of LOVE itself..
Because those who has love inside their heart would NOT understand that EVIL-and-its-kind..
Those who has love would realize that EVIL-and-its-kind were created based on lack of love, lack of unconditional love.
They should not be attacked, but try to approach and show them love.. Show them that they're loved...

That doesn't mean Love never fight. But before it fights, one must know his/her dream of life...
... if "Heal the World" is your dream - as well as Michael..
... of course love fights, but in a GOOD FIGHT.

Michael fought for his dream, that's why he is loved by so many people around the world..

..That's... what I learn from Michael...

Quotes - Michael's own words
Q: With Hitler? Come on. Michael! Hitler?! So you don't believe there is anyone who is completely evil and there is no way to touch them. So you don't believe in punishing the wicked because then...
Michael Jackson: "No, I believe you have to help them, give them therapy. You have to teach them, that somewhere something in their life went wrong. They don't see what they do. They don't understand that it is wrong a lot of times."

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