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    1. My interview in Bazaar with Kim Kardashian came out!!!http://j.mp/eqQsGa
    2. @kimkardashian @harpersbazaarus Our interview in Bazaar came out! You look like a princess in Egyptian robes, love!http://j.mp/eqQsGa
    3. Every breath you take today should be with someone else in mind. I love you.
    4. Because then it becomes about yourself...which is wrong. Giving is to give to God. Helping is to help others.
    5. That is the thing that will give back to you all the rewards that there are. Don't do it for yourself, because then it becomes selfish.
    6. Give. Remember always to give. That is the thing that will make you grow.
    7. You are who you are. All you can do in this world is help others to be who they are and better themselves and those around them.
    8. Never let yourself think beyond your means...mental, emotional or any otherwise.
    9. I would like to add something to my earlier tweet. Always keep love and humility in your heart.
    10. Not at least until I'm dead, and at the moment I'm having too much fun being alive...and I plan on staying that way. Happiness to all.
    11. No one is going to play Elizabeth Taylor, but Elizabeth Taylor herself.
    12. Hold your horses world. I've been hearing all kinds of rumours about someone being cast to play me in a film about Richard and myself.
    13. RT @kathyireland: So grateful to be a part of @WishesChallenge, starting today raising support 4 @MakeAWish. Pls join us! http://ow.ly/1WNBK
    14. I thought doctors, like priests took an oath of confidentiality. May God have mercy on his soul.
    15. Just what we want in our doctors. And then to say he did not betray Michael's confidence. No wonder he has death threats.
    16. with someone in "Arnie's" office. It seems he supplies not only women (Debbie Rowe), but men too...how convenient.
    17. Dr. Arnie Klein declared on May 2 that he did not betray Michael Jackson by saying publicly that he had a homosexual relationship
    18. God bless her always. I'll miss her.
    19. Lena Horne...one of the most beautiful women in the world passed away today. Her dignity and grace and talent shall be remembered forever.
    20. @kathyireland. Darling, I'm still in London. Wishing you every success at Gearys on Saturday. Love, Elizabeth
    21. The rumors regarding my engagement simply aren't true. Jason is my manager and dearest friend. I love him with all my heart.
    22. When is someone going to stop the yellow press from lashing out at people who no more deserve it than the Dalai Lama!
    23. I am boiling to the point of eruption at the injustice of those statements.
    24. I have never seen anyone epitomize glamour and grace and professionalism like she did.
    25. These rags said, to quote them, “She was either stoned or drunk and looked pregnant” – what???? They must be the ones on drugs.
    26. I heard that some scum magazines, print and internet trashed Kathy Ireland on Oscar Red Carpet night.
    27. @KathyIreland. Darling, Congratulations on your beautiful "Monkey Mischief" at Neiman-Marcus. I bought them! I love you.
    28. Geary's is such a beautiful store filled with goodies. But, I hope you'll see both places for holiday ideas.
    29. A special thank you to Geary's Beverly Hills who continue to carry my "Elizabeth" couture jewels.
    30. Saturday afternoon House of Taylor Jewelry has it's opening in Beverly Hills and you're more than welcome to come.
    31. One Color Unites Us on WORLD AIDS DAY. Show your support for @joinred. Buy (RED) Save Lives. #red
    32. I truly believe this film should be nominated in every category conceivable.
    33. You see in front of your eyes Michael's genius blossoming on this piece of film thanks to Kenny Ortega and his crews.
    34. From A to Z you get Michael's input on every level. Michael's genius at work with the dancers. Mr. Ortega catches Michael in his every mood.
    35. Kenny Ortega did a masterful job of directing the process that goes into making a complete show before hitting the stage.
    36. We cannot let his life be in vain / and always done with love. Remember that. Remember him and thank God for him and his genius.
    37. From "Black And White", "Man In The Mirror". The inspiration behind "We Are The World". We must take his words of responsibility seriously.
    38. I won't use words like preaching because that is off-putting, but listen. Listen to his messages.
    39. If you listen to his lyrics they are those of a modern day prophet and it beseeches us to listen to him and what he sang.
    40. I meant to repeat myself. I love you. I remember Michael loved you. He was totally up to now and the message of today in all his songs.
    41. I hope I don't sound condescending. I'm sure you already know what I'm talking about, but go to see it again and again.
    42. I loved genius in my lifetime. God was so good to me. I will love Michael forever and so will you, if you don't already.
    43. You owe it to yourselves and your loved ones to see this again and again. Memorize it and say to yourselves, "I saw genius in my lifetime"
    44. To say he was a genius seems so little. I wish my vocabulary encompassed what I feel.
    45. God blessed him and squandered nothing, but loved it all. Michael knew how to put together every tone, every nuance to make magic.
    46. And we have this piece of film to remind us forever and ever that once there was such a man. God kissed him.
    47. I wept from pure joy at his God given gift. There will never, ever be the likes of him again.
    48. To say the man is a genius is an understatement. He cradles each note, coaxes the music to depths beyond reality.
    49. It is the single most brilliant piece of filmmaking I have ever seen. It cements forever Michael's genius in every aspect of creativity.
    50. I was honored with the great privilege of seeing "This Is It" last week. I was sworn to secrecy, but now I can let you know about it.
    51. I know they all helped. Love you, Elizabeth
    52. Dear Friends, My heart procedure went off perfectly. It's like having a brand new ticker. Thank you for your prayers and good wishes.
    53. by saying that I had diabetes, which is a total lie. But I guess they can't help themselves. Talk to later as promised. Love, Elizabeth
    54. Dear Friends, I was completely honest with you about my hospitalization. Now the press, bless their little hearts, had to add something
    55. Any prayers you happen to have lying around I would dearly appreciate. I'll let you know when it's all over. Love you, Elizabeth
    56. It's very new and involves repairing my leaky valve using a clip device, without open heart surgery, so that my heart will function better.
    57. Dear Friends, I would like to let you know before it gets in the papers that I am going into the hospital to have a procedure on my heart.
    58. Please join me in voting for her on abc.com until noon tomorrow. God Bless.
    59. Kathy was delightful, gorgeous and fit the music they chose perfectly. If they ever do a remake of The King and I she should star in it.
    60. Saw Dancing With The Stars tonight. Didn't think the judges were fair to Kathy Ireland.
    61. All of you who are watching Kathy Ireland on DWTS tonight...please vote for her. The # is on the screen. She's so gorgeous, isn't she!
    62. She is beauty personified because it glows from within and takes her on wing.
    63. To watch her in movement will be a golden chance to see beauty in action and grace which is what that lady is all about.
    64. I'm so excited to see Kathy Ireland on Dancing With The Stars! She is so beautiful.
    65. But as I said before I went into the hospital, "I am a survivor."
    66. I'm home from the hospital sore, but intact. Of course I'm still grieving for Michael...I always will.
    67. My love goes out to Katherine and Michael's beloved children.
    68. I said I wouldn't go to the Staples Center and I certainly don't want to become a part of it. I love him too much.
    69. I just don't believe that Michael would want me to share my grief with millions of others. How I feel is between us. Not a public event.
    70. And I cannot guarantee that I would be coherent to say a word.
    71. I've been asked to speak at the Staples Center. I cannot be part of the public whoopla.
    72. Although my grief over Michael could not be any deeper, I am not on suicide watch as some of the cheaper "rags" would have you believe.
    73. I wanted you my friends to know that I'm going into the hospital Wednesday or Thursday to complete a test I was in the middle of.
    74. I don't think anyone knew how much we loved each other. The purest most giving love I've ever known. Oh god! I'm going to miss him.
    75. It can't be so. He will live in my heart forever but it's not enough. My life feels so empty.
    76. I was packing up my clothes to go to London for his opening when I heard the news. I still can't believe it. I don't want to believe it.
    77. We had so much in common and we had such loving fun together.
    78. My heart...my mind...are broken. I loved Michael with all my soul and I can't imagine life without him.
    79. Dearest Elizabeth, You make the sun shine, the clouds move and the world spin. So many people love you and so do I. Love Always,______
    80. Somebody I care for very much sent the following note to me with flowers and I wanted to share it with you.
    81. Life without earrings is empty!
    82. Humor is the only way to stay alive.
    83. My mind, my soul were transported by his beauty, his voice, his inner being. God has kissed this man and I thank God for it.
    84. I went to see Andrea Bocelli last night. The first time I've been out in months. The Hollywood Bowl allowed me to use my wheelchair.
    85. So it's your name, your perfume. I hope you love it as much as I do. Wear it in love.
    86. Dear Fellow Twitterers: Thank you for your opinions on my new perfume's name. VIOLET EYES won hands-down.
    87. @Marie_Monr0e Fortunately for me I still have an active, up to date mind which for a "hip" lady like myself comes naturally. One Slick Chick
    88. I think it's terrible for the California govt to retract the law on Gay Marriage after they made it legal. You can't treat people that way!
    89. The perfume company wants me to name my new fragrance VIOLET EYES. I think its conceited and like FOLLOW ME. Which do you prefer?
    90. Thank you to all who make White Diamonds sparkle! Everyone here, my partners at Elizabeth Arden and all the wonderful people in the stores.
    91. A thrill of excitement. I'm so stoked! My fragrance, White Diamonds entered the Hall of Fame at the FIFI Awards last night.
    92. It's a shame more public servants don't have San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's courage in speaking out against Prop 8. Go Gavin!
    93. There is no such thing as a "Gay" agenda. It's a human agenda. The California Supreme Court decision on Prop. 8...TERRIBLE!!!!
    94. I'm home from the hospital and feeling great. Thanks for all the love and support!
    95. @kathyIreland Thanks Darling for the beautiful flowers and all the prayers. Now can you just get my puppy past hospital security. Love
    96. I've never been double-crossed by a sweet puppy or a lion in the jungle.
    97. It's not true that I love animals more than people -- they are a very close second.
    98. @kathyireland "politicians"...whoops...glasses
    99. "politicians"...whoops...glasses
    100. @kathyIreland My Darling Kathy...Have fun at the Capitol with Lily and give our polititians hell!!! Love, Elizabeth
    101. When in Rome, check out my jewels at the Bulgari retrospective at Il Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the brand's first in 125 years.
    102. I'm enjoying some delicious tomatoes grown in my garden.
    103. Congratulations Quinn, USC Class of 2009.
    104. Just saw "Twilight" on DVD. I want more!
    105. Counting the days until Michael's opening night in London.
    106. Congratulations to Carole Bayer Sager on being selected for the 2009 Founder's Award from Lupus L.A.
    107. Thanking all my wonderful fans for their sweet messages of love and support!
    108. Also in People this week, my jewelry is on display at Cartier in NYC this month to celebrate their 100th anniversary in America.
    109. Just did interview with People about White Diamonds for Mother's Day.
    110. Looking forward to Mother's Day with my wonderful family.
    111. White Diamonds has been nominated for a FIFI Award. Please vote! http://www.fragrance.org/ballots2009/index.php
    112. Excited about my new website, now under construction -- address coming soon!
    113. Congratulations to Kathy Ireland on being named a Hero for Feed the Children.
    114. Ever since "National Velvet" I've had a passion for horses. Here are a few who need help badly: www.cghs.org
    115. Enjoying life with all its many gifts. Always something to look forward to!
    116. I just love Susan Boyle! I want to hear her magnificent voice again and again.
    117. Doing an interview with NY Times Style section today. My pearl is going in the window of Cartier.
    118. Holding the world's sweetest puppy, Delilah.
    119. Enjoying brie on a baguette, well toasted.
    120. Sending sweet birthday thoughts to my friend Dr. Lee Perry of the International Sports Medicine Institute. Happy Birthday, Leesburg!
    121. Beaming with pride and welcoming the newest member of my family, a great grandson!
    122. You can't cry on a diamond's shoulder and diamonds won't keep you warm at night, but they're sure fun when the sun shines!
    123. Reading my friend Kathy Ireland's new book, "Real Solutions for Busy Moms: Your Guide to Success and Sanity." Congrats, Kathy!
    124. Spending time with my daughter Liza in my beautiful gardens. Hope the gardenias bloom soon.

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