Go to Sleep, Mom...

Go to sleep, Mom..
The night is getting darker...

Please weep your tears away,
There's no need to cry
of the wounds we've been through today

Look at little sis, Mom
She's dreaming about her school
embraced the wooden pillow
smiling and drifting in to her own

Let's pray.
Take us away from this hunger,
and from this coldness night

"Dear our warmth God,
Praise and thanks for today,
for the rice You had given to our little sister
as the yield of fighting to wrest the pieces from those worms,
rodents, and birds,
in the trash of mountain by the river side.

Hopefully tomorrow,
things shall be better,

It's okay, Mom
You can go to sleep now
and have a sweet dreams...


"I get a taste of poverty, too.
When I go to a country – like in the Phillippines and in Trinidad and in Africa –
I really get out and go to the poor sections and talk to the people.
I sit in their little huts, their cardboard houses, and I make myself at home.
I think it’s important to know how different people feel, especially in my field of endeavor."
~ Michael Jackson, 1980

"I love to travel,
and, so far, I’ve been lucky enough to see a great deal of the world.
In certain parts of the Globe,
I’ve seen hungry children walking the streets with no shoes on.
I’m very concerned about the hungry children of the world and
I hope I can do something positive to help alleviate this problem."
~ Michael Jackson, 1976

"But just as important, let's love one and other,
let's forget hatred and turn to those that are suffering."
~ Michael Jackson, 1992


Angel calls

There was some days where I felt that Michael is communicate with me, the coincidences were too much that makes me hard to say that it was nothing...

When I was at McDonald, the Heal the World playing...
and the next day, at Emax (cafe near my campus), Hold My Hand...
Then, in middle of discussion with some friends, Earth Song was playing in Tator Cafe..

And I thought, "Ok, he's watching me right now" :)

On the 4th day, this is what appear on my tumblr page:

Twinny from different era, but with the same style.. ^_^

and so I said:

*well, not exactly, this pic was suddenly appear on my tumblr-dashboard,
so I had to screen captured it..

And not long after it, this also came on my tumblr-dashboard:

I hope it's nice where you are....

These are 3 of 6 screen-caps that I made over one night...

Do you feel your Angel next to you?

If you are, give that Angel your most beautiful smile,
and say "Thank you" for watching :))

Angel of Light

It's hard to see angels, although I've stared at their pictures for hours. Some people can see them without pictures, and they tell interesting tales. Guardian angels are all female, for instance, which didn't surprise me once I found out. A birth angel, recruited from the younger ranks, attends every baby when it appears, while another angel, older but not grim, helps the dying to leave this world without grief or pain.

You can pray to the angels and they will listen, but the best way to call them, I am told, is to laugh.
Angels respond to delight, because that is what they're made of. In fact, when people's minds are clouded by anger or hatred, no angel can reach them.

Not all angels have wings -- so the visionaries claim -- but those who do can unfurl a span of golden feathers stretching over the entire world. If you had eyes that could look straight into the sun, you would see an overwhelming angel presiding there; a more serene one smiles out from the face of the moon.

Angels spend their entire lives, which are forever, spinning around the Creator's throne, singing His praise. People with keen ears have listened in. The harmonies of the angelic choir are incredibly complex, they say, but the rhythm is simple. "It's mostly march time," one eavesdropper affirmed. For some reason, that fact is almost the best I have learned so far.

After a while it got lonely hearing about angels you couldn't see for yourself. When an angel-watcher heard that, she was shocked. "Not see?" she said. "But you have an angel in you. Everybody does. I can see it right now, and I thought you could, too." "No," I said sadly, and I asked what it looked like. "Did it look like me?"

"Well, yes and no," the angel-watcher mysterious answered. "It all depends on what you think you are. Your angel is a speck of light perched at the very center of your heart. It is smaller than an atom, but just wait. Once you get close to it, your angel will expand. The closer you come, the more it will grow, until finally, in a burst of light, you will see your angel in its true shape, and at that very instant, you will also see yourself."

So now I am looking for my angel all the time. I sit silently, turning my gaze inward. It wasn't long before I caught a glimpse of something. "Is that you, Angel, holding a candle?" One flicker and it was gone. Yet that was enough to set my heart wildly beating. Next time my angel will be waving a lamp, then holding a torch aloft, then lighting a bonfire.

That's what the angel-watcher promised, and now that I have caught sight of glory, I know enough to believe.

Thank you, lovely Elizabeth

Grace with beauty, charm and talent

I've posted quotes of Michael about Elizabeth in my previous blog, "What a Friendship Means.." tho those words are not enough to express how special their friendship was..

Q: "So you're Wendy and Michael is Peter?" I had asked Elizabeth Taylor afterwards.
Elizabeth: "Yeah.Yeah.There's a kind of magic between us."

"Elizabeth is also like a mother–and more than that.
She's a friend.She's Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, the Queen of England and Wendy."
~ Michael Jackson ~

Have you ever feel a true friendship?

A friend who will speak on your behalf when you no longer can say a word
A friend who will be there for you when the world leaves you alone
A friend who facing the triumph and disaster with holding hands together
A friend, who publicly defends you when no one believe you..
and a friend, who love you as being you, because no one is you-er than YOU..

And the honesty is there,
and that's enough for a true friendship...

“Elizabeth’s friendship is like the perfect jewels she owns — indestructible and eternal.”
~ Michael Jackson ~

So many tribute had been made to honor Michael and Liz' friendship, from making graphic artworks, Gifs, video, and even a dedicated side for Elizabeth, here are my favorites:

Last, but not least, a dedicated site for Dame Elizabeth Taylor: http://elizabethweloveyou.tumblr.com by @MyMJJTribute
here's one of her artwork:

More glimpse of their friendship:

“It is 1993, and this will be Michael Jackson’s very first Christmas.
It has taken me… I would think about 5 years of talking him into celebrating Christmas at Neverland because I understood that if you are a Jehovah’s Witness you don’t celebrate Christmas.
When he quit being a a Jehovah’s Witness I said to Michael,
‘I think Christmas is a wonderful way of celebrating love. It’s a celebration of love.’
And I can’t see Christmas without Michael or Michael without Christmas.”
~ Elizabeth Taylor ~

Michael: “But what Elizabeth didn’t know was that I was planning a surprise for her also.”

Elizabeth: Gasps “Oh my God! That’s amazing! I love it! Oh thank you!”
Michael: “You’re welcome.”

“The gift that I gave to Elizabeth, to me, it was unique. It looks like a painting but it isn’t. It’s a tapestry. This guy did it piece by piece.” ~ Michael Jackson ~


On February 19, 1994, at "The Jackson Family Honors" event held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Today we honor Elizabeth Taylor for who she is, as much as what she does.

For me, Elizabeth Taylor is the ultimate humanitarian, because she is the embodiment of love, compassion, faith, and integrity and she has been that ideal for hundreds and millions of fans over the five decades of her illustrious career.

Elizabeth began her career when she was nine years old and since then, has starred in some of the greatest of all American films. She has been, and she continues to be, one of the most celebrated women of the twentieth century. I know, from having the honor of being a friend of Elizabeth Taylor's, that she's in no need of another trophy or plaque to recognize her humanitarian work on behalf of the fight against AIDS.
And I also know Elizabeth is here tonight not for any ego gratification, but because this gives her another chance to get the all important message out to the public. The message of AIDS awareness and the need for compassion and the efforts to find a cure.
To the formation of AMFAR in 1986 and her own Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, no one has done more to fight this dreaded disease.
But in knowing Elizabeth, I know her reward comes from the work itself, from the small battles won in the all-out war, from the gains she's been responsible for by eliminating the problem for the world to see and from the unspoken things of the victims who's lives she has enhanced during their times on earth. In the midst of my recent trials and tribulations, Elizabeth stood by my side with unwavering strength and support.
Elizabeth stands for truth.
She's immune to criticism and unfearful to any challenge and places the highest truth in the wisdom of her own heart and the direct knowledge of her own intuition.
She is not swayed by public opinion, because she knows in the end truth always triumphs.

Elizabeth, I love you and we honor you not only for what you stand for, but also for the magnificence of who you are.
The world is a better place because of your existence.
Because Elizabeth is so unselfish in her devotions to humanity, it is doubly fitting that she be the recipient of the Jackson Family Honors award."
~ Michael Jackson ~

I've wrote a poem about friendship few years ago,
and I thought about this poem when I heard the news about Elizabeth, and flashed back on their special friendship..


'Cause I’ll be there when you need me

I have two eyes to look after you
I have a mouth to advice you
I have two ears to hear you
I have a nose to smell
and warn the danger that may came after you…

But…. That’s not all…
I still have two hands to lift you up
when you’re down
And I still have two foots to walk beside you
when you’re alone

So.. Don’t Worry….
'cause I’ll be here for you
Just… Be Cool.. and Relax..

And my mind are full with our memories,
that always kept in my heart
"[Elizabeth Taylor and I] we're like brother and sister, mother and son, lovers...
it's a potpourri... it's something special." ~ Michael Jackson ~

♬ Remember the time I was alone
You stood by my side and said:
"Let's be strong"
You did all these tings
That only a true friend can do.. ♬

♬... Elizabeth, I love you
The world knows your work now
Above the things on Earth now
I pray one day I'll be just like... you... ♬

"It's so wonderful to be with her [Elizabeth].
I can really relax with her, because we've lived the same life and experienced the same thing"
~ Michael Jackson ~

and so, this beautiful friendship continues in Heaven,
lovely friends re-united again, only this time, it will last forever...

Thank you, lovely Elizabeth, for always be there for Michael,
We love you more...

Both of you are safe now from those tabloid junkies :)
We promise, to keep your legacy alive, to spread your messages, and to continue your humanitarian efforts...

"If it is not to make the world better what is money for?" ~ Elizabeth Taylor ~


I've saved @DameElizabeth's tweets in here, if any of you want to re-read them again: http://mjacksonwords.blogspot.com/p/dameelizabeths-tweets.html