Go to Sleep, Mom...

Go to sleep, Mom..
The night is getting darker...

Please weep your tears away,
There's no need to cry
of the wounds we've been through today

Look at little sis, Mom
She's dreaming about her school
embraced the wooden pillow
smiling and drifting in to her own

Let's pray.
Take us away from this hunger,
and from this coldness night

"Dear our warmth God,
Praise and thanks for today,
for the rice You had given to our little sister
as the yield of fighting to wrest the pieces from those worms,
rodents, and birds,
in the trash of mountain by the river side.

Hopefully tomorrow,
things shall be better,

It's okay, Mom
You can go to sleep now
and have a sweet dreams...


"I get a taste of poverty, too.
When I go to a country – like in the Phillippines and in Trinidad and in Africa –
I really get out and go to the poor sections and talk to the people.
I sit in their little huts, their cardboard houses, and I make myself at home.
I think it’s important to know how different people feel, especially in my field of endeavor."
~ Michael Jackson, 1980

"I love to travel,
and, so far, I’ve been lucky enough to see a great deal of the world.
In certain parts of the Globe,
I’ve seen hungry children walking the streets with no shoes on.
I’m very concerned about the hungry children of the world and
I hope I can do something positive to help alleviate this problem."
~ Michael Jackson, 1976

"But just as important, let's love one and other,
let's forget hatred and turn to those that are suffering."
~ Michael Jackson, 1992

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