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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6Qb8X5LoLw  MJJSource was create by Michael.

No. That was MJJSource which Randy created @ Michael's request. There is actual footage that was posted by MJ on the opening of the site, that welcomes everyone to his site MJJSource. RT @AfricaMonroe: @wingheart Is it true that you and Randy made a website in '05 that was stealing money from Michael's fans?

Everyone had access for free to most of the site. They (RJ&MJ;) created a special membership to offer exclusive things. Unfortunately, the trial took an emotional toll on MJ, and he ended up leaving the country and the website was unable to continue without his financial & physical contributions. I had no control over any funds or any decisions made regarding the site. Michael asked me to be a liaison to the fans & their sites, which I graciously accepted. RT @dallasjenfitz: @wingheart Michael requested to charge fans $50 membership to gain access to the website? http://www.twitlonger.com/show/ctkjt9

Michael wanted to create MJJSource, for the trial. He knew the media would be unfair, and he wanted a place where ppl could find the truth. RT @twistedpuffsMJ: @wingheart why would Michael make it then? http://www.twitlonger.com/show/ctktkh

Thank you. Yes MJJS did. It was also the force that fought to bring the truth of the 2005 trial to the fans & the public. It was his "handlers" after the trial that made sure that MJJS was disabled, when Michael was trying to heal from the battle of the trial. He was unaware it was gone. His handlers wanted control over him and the website allowed too much control over himself. I relied on him 100% for all his input. Without his availability, MJJS could not function...because MJJS WAS him. RT @MarieJoseGMH: @wingheart another thing thoseevil pple dnt know about MJJsource: many premiums were given for FREE to ill and poor pple and kids.I was 1!!!

I had daily contact with him, and was able to be a conduit to his fans. He told me what to do, say, and create. In turn I put fans messages directly in his hands. We arranged personal events & personal introductions, sending (autographed) CD's to those who could not buy them, or where they weren't available. Everything was created by MJ, before the trial took a heavy emotional toll on his spirit. Michael created the contests, that unfortunately, never came to fruition. I NEVER had access to any money, or responsible for paying bills for the site. YET, I get falsely accused for stealing. Some fans can be as cruel as how the media treated Michael. It does really allow me to get in touch with how Michael felt about ppl lying about him. RT @Krystalroz: @wingheart I knew MJ created MJJ Source.It was my understanding that he hired you and RJ to run it for him since he was unable due to trial?

I would appreciate it being sent to those who, every time spread the lie...it is responded to, with the truth. RT @AngieIvani: @wingheart Thank you so much for that footage Ms. Karen, I am spreading the hell out of this!!!

To be completely honest...I do not know what arrangements were made. That was not any of my business. But when MJJS was disabled, I was told that the funds that came from MJ to pay the server, were no longer being paid. Raymone Bain was in charge of his "business" @ that time. RT @Krystalroz: @wingheart Ok makes sense. And Randy..what part did he play? Was he the one paying the bills?

When RJ was helping MJ with his business & legal affairs, MJJS's bills were paid. When Raymone Bain took over MJ's business, they did not get paid. That is the only information I have...OTHER than a phone conversation I had with Michael about 8 months after Raymone took over, he asked me how his website was doing. I was the one who told him, it no longer existed, and why. He was very disappointed. So you must connect the dots, just as I have had too. RT @Krystalroz: @wingheart Really..I thought U &Randy;worked close &run;it together So you assumed that R Bain paid the bills& didnt know what RJs roll was?

Actually neither RJ or I had the control or opportunity to reimburse anyone. Raymone was in charge. RT @Krystalroz: @wingheart Really..I thought U &Randy;worked close &run;it together So you assumed that R Bain paid the bills& didnt know what RJs roll was?

I always wanted Michael to be in total control of his life. MJJS gave him that control. I always wanted Michael to have easier & closer access to his fans. MJJS gave him that. MJJS was set up for Michael to sell his music directly to the public. It was ALL taken from him. Control was always taken from him...up to the very end. RT @god7like7king7: @wingheart karen think for this resoon they sack you becouse of you michael did things they did not want him to do becouse of there protocal

It wasn't RJ...and it wasn't me, who took away Michael's power, when he was @ his lowest. It was those who wanted to steal his thunder for themselves. He never had the chance to fully recover...

It seems like the fans who are spreading the lies...are defending the ones who hurt Michael the most.

Never was RJ & Raymone in charge @ the same time. Michael created every thing. Near the ending of the trial, Michael was so distraught, sick, and depleted, he could not focus on anything but his own survival. It certainly was not the time to have any "business" discussions. Nothing was ever discussed about MJJS...we just kept it running. He left the day after the verdict...and we kept it running as long as we could. Until there was no way to fund or support. I took my orders from Michael. When he was gone, I could no longer do my job for MJJS either. RT @Krystalroz: @wingheart Was MJ angry about fees being charged&told;you &RJ;to reimburse fans?Thought RJ not R Bain was in charge of finances @ that time?

There are a group of fans that began spreading the lie that I stole fans money from MJJS. The same group that is spreading the lie that I sold the photos of MJ's resting place to TMZ. I did take the photos, but gave them freely to the fans on my FB page. They were taken from my FB page and given to TMZ...more than likely, by the same fans who started these rumors & lies. RT @MissHeidiDk: @wingheart The lies about MJJS was not of something I had heard about before recently.... Thanks for the info Karen xo

Yes, but there are new fans that are hearing all these lies, and it is important that they are given the option to hear the truth. It is just like the "not guilty verdict" but ppl continue to think he was guilty. You must continue speaking the truth when lies are being spoken. RT @MJJxMagic786: @wingheart Listn angel. Don't worry about this shit ppl will always talk but u and Mj know the truth that's all that matters.

It's about constantly confronting lies with the truth. It is what we must do for Michael's legacy. RT @MJJxMagic786: @Krystalroz @wingheart I completely understand But there's a difference between asking and accusing.

Disrespecting me, is also disrespecting Michael in a way. It would be saying Michael would choose to hire a befriend a thief & liar. It is sad really, that these ppl would want to create this for Michael's legacy...and then demand justice. RT @MJJxMagic786: @Krystalroz @wingheart I completely understand But there's a difference between asking and accusing


If there is no association...why do so many Michael fans follow my every word & action? and hold me to their expectations of Michael? Most do not follow me for me. Keep up dear, I did not say it was the same... RT @mari45678: @wingheart Disrespecting u IS NOT the same as disrespecting Michael. U & MJ r 2 different ppl.

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  1. I wish I can see you in personal Michael. I wish I can see a man wearing disguises mask here in Ireland. I love you as a person Michael. My words is enough to discribe how beautiful human being you are. All I can say you're beautiful INSIDE and OUT. 👑🌻🌻🌻