2 years of MJacksonwords

"In a world filled with hate, we must dare to hope.
In a world filled with anger, we must dare to comfort.
In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream,
In a world filled with distrust, we must dare to believe"
~ Michael Jackson ~

I have been tweeting since 2 years ago, - and it's almost 2 and a half year since Michael passed away! I can’t believe time flies as a blink of an eye.
And you’ve realize everything has changed when you see your followings suddenly decreasing, which means s/he deactivated their accounts (not that I’ve been blocked, lol) – your timeline is not moving as fast as it used to be, which means they’re less active as they used to be, or.. when you realize you have more followers than your tweets (that’s me!), which never had I imagine I’d have this lots of followers, more than 8300 followers meantime.
But one thing remain, the love that will never be dismissed, even with time.

The way of the Love may change, but not the essence of love for Michael. For a year after the tragic and sudden news on 25 June 2009, I used to cry whenever I watch him on the television, hear his songs on the radio or any public space, noticing that he had gone for real, noticing that my dream to meet and hug him is now only a...literally a "good night dream". And as the time pass by, lately his songs on the radio brings smile in my face. Why? Because I know his words are true: "Music has been my outlet, my gift to all of the lovers in this world. Through it [my music] I know I will live forever.” (~ Michael Jackson), and he does, he is now living among us through his music which contains all his messages.

We can never bring him back, that’s for sure. We do want for justice, Michael said there were a conspiracy around him, "In my Sony Catalog, is all the Beatles music, ahem, all of the music I own – I own Sly and the Family Stone, I- I own such a volume of so many, I own Elvis – so many Elvis songs and it’s a huge catalog, very valuable, it’s worth a lot of money. And there is a big fight going on right now, as we speak about that. Now, I can’t say whether or not – I can’t comment on it, but there’s a lot of conspiracy, I’ll say that – conspiracy going on as we speak." (~Michael Jackson, 2005)
and of course we want them who involved are given the punishment as it has to be! Murray has been found guilty, but we also know that he’s only the fall guy. They are many of them behind his death, namely $ony and AEG, and other who conspired againts him, even the media that influenced public’s view on him, that’s my opinion. But look what they done lately: documentary movies, post-humanous album, tributes, books, and the list continues. He really is WORTH more in dead. I’m mad, I’m in rage, I’m so upset everytime I hear this news.
Even more, the exploitation of MJ3, most of public – even the fans seem to forget his efforts to protect his kids: “I’ve been living in a fish bowl all my life, and I want my children to have a normal life.” (~Michael Jackson)

Ironically, Prince and Paris seems happy for doing those things, they love their father so much and this is one of many ways they know in order to give it back. Could we blame it to the Jacksons, knowing that Michael had made some distance with them before he passed away? and now they used his children for this???
Prince and Paris are 16 and 14 now, too young to have a comprehensive understandings of what had happened during his father’s 45 years achievement in the entertainment industry, or even Blanket... So I will say, too sad that *maybe* THAT's the only way they know HOW to give it back, *maybe* no significant others around them who can tell them what to do. And, *maybe* if Elizabeth is still alive, she can tell every single thing about it, a lovely lady that Michael loved and TRUST so much.
You know, *maybe* isn’t an answer, though we always try and make the answer more than maybe.

Anyway, I think I’ve gone to far (lol), my point is, there are many ways to show your love for Michael, I kinda keep distance from the twitter or any online activities lately. My love for Michael is personal, none of those tributes, documentaries, books, and any of those profitting things would decrease nor increase my love for him - simply because it's not directly from his own.
I have a dedicated blog for him – but then, I’m not a good writer, and English is not my mother language, so I do have some problems with it. I also have youtube channel, but I’m not a good movie editor and I’m lack of HQ video of him. And I do have a tumblr page, but noticing that tumblr has lots of talented artists who dedicate their artworks, edits, and gifs for Michael, it makes me quite inferior. So, most of it, I have a twitter account, a more simple way to do, the only thing I have to do is read his books, read or watch his statements, interviews, speeches, home videos, or anything, then quote some great words that are his messages for us. My blog, youtube channel, tumblr page, and especially my twitter account: @MJacksonwords are just several ways to show that I’m still be here for Michael.

If people think that I only quoted his words from those “quote sites” on the internet, have to say that I’m sorry but I don’t rely on them because I need to read or listen to the complete sentences, and apparently they usually has no source of the quotes.
Sometimes I’m selfish, I quoted words that I needed him to tell me. For instance, when I feel down of visioning not gonna achieve my dreams, my favorite quote is: “No matter what, no star is too far to reach. And you never give up.”(~Michael Jackson) - I even collected and post his words on my blog post here: "Keep the Faith" - Those words will keep me stronger to move my feet again.

Or when I feel so much blessed after seeing a beautiful sunset, which I always love sunset and sunrise, I quoted: “You see the most beautiful sky where the clouds are hues of orange and purple. God, it's so beautiful.” (~Michael Jackson) - or this one: "There’s a reason why God made the sunset red or purple or green. It’s beautiful to look at – it’s a minute of joy. Escapism and wonder is influence. It makes you feel good, and that allows you to do things." (~Michael Jackson), and I know that he was there enjoying the sunset with me.

Other times, I just want to encourage other whom I see were feeling down, I tweeted so they remember Michael’s advice: “My best advice is to believe in yourself, know there’s a tomorrow, walk tall... don’t pay attention to the garbage.” (~Michael Jackson) – even though those words are meant for the tabloid, but it was how Michael dealt with the negativism around him.

There are also sometimes when I just want him to be remembered as a human being, like us, who like to do things like we do: “I made a wish every time I saw a shooting star.” (~Michael Jackson) – well, we do make a wish, too, right? :)

And, remembering how playful he was, “I love a good water balloon fight.” -- "If you’re wondering why I love supersoakers so much, it’s because if you come to Neverland, it’s a rule that you are bound to get wet. Either be thrown in the pool, or you have a water balloon fight or a supersoaker fight. And… [smiles] I love all of the above." (~Michael Jackson) - lol remember when he said this? This was from the home private movies ^_^

"I'm the Michael Jordan of water balloon fight." ~ Michael Jackson ~

But mainly, my twitter account is to spread his messages, which is love.
My favorites are from his books, especially Dancing the Dream "I wrote a book called Dancing the Dream. It was more autobiographical than Moonwalk," (~Michael Jackson),

or from the Oxford Speech: "the foundation of all human knowledge, the beginning of human consciousness, must be that each and every one of us is an object of love. Before you know if you have red hair or brown, before you know if you are black or white, before you know of what religion you are a part, you have to know that you are loved." (~Michael Jackson),

and others are from his songs: “Man In the Mirror” ♫ If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make a change ♫♪ very powerful message!!

Oh, my favorite is “Earth Song” – which I usually followed with this words: “We've been treating Mother Earth the way some people treat a rental apartment. Just trash it and move on.” (~Michael Jackson)

One of the best for me is from the Shmuley's tape (I know, I don’t like that man either...), "Follow the Golden Rule. Be kind to your neighbors, love them as much as you would love yourself, do unto others..." (~Michael Jackson)

And so on, and so on and on on... lol
There was some times when I don’t have time to tweet, since I don’t have time to re-read his words again, but then the keep increasing followers encourages me to do so. I like to think that as if Michael reminds me to keep spreading his words, lots of people need those words, like I do most of the time. A dear friend of mine said even I can not tweet every single hours, at least do one tweet per day. And so I’m trying to do it now. So, forgive me for not being able to be on twitter everytime, but I will try to keep maintain my account, and hopefully with many followers who RT MJ’s words, his messages will always be remain in the heart of the fans, and touches all people generally.

Last, but not least: I never say this on twitter nor I ever express how much I’m very thankful for following my twitter account: MJacksonwords. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Thank you for has been with me for 2 years, I love you all, and I love you most, Michael!

"What one wishes is to be touched by truth and to be able to interpret that truth so that one may use what one is feeling and experiencing, be it despair or joy,
in a way that will add meaning to one's life and will hopefully touch others as well.
That is art in its highest form.
Those moments of enlightenment are what I continue to live for."
~ Michael Jackson ~

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