Thank You Michael

Thank You, Michael.....
~ @MJacksonwords ~

"Thanks to You" by Tyler Collings

Thank you for teaching me how to love
Showing me what the world means
What I've been dreamin' of
And now I know, there is nothing that I could not do
Thanks to You

For teaching me how to feel
Showing me my emotions
Letting me know what's real
From what is not
What I've got is more that I'd ever hoped for
And a lot of what I hope for is
Thanks to you

No mountain, no valley
No time, no space
No heartache, no heartbreak
No fall from grace
Can't stop me from believing
That my love will pull me through
Thanks to You
Thanks to You

For teaching me how to live
Putting things in perspective
Teaching me how to give
And how to take
No mistake
We were put here together
And if I breakdown
Forgive me but it's true
That I'm aching with the love I feel inside
Thanks to You
Thanks to you


  1. Well done, Indria! An awesome video with beautiful music. I loved watching it. Thank you!

  2. wow, this is just awesome. thank you so much for this video! L.O.V.E.


  3. Just beautiful ..........and I am going to make the quote "Let´s learn to love each other before it´s too late!" to my words to live by.
    Thank you!

  4. @Mandy: thank you :)
    @Cassarah: that's a powerful quote from him.. :) thanks to you, too.. <3