Summer has took over my wonderful windy season

To be honest,
It's not about death..
Because I realize,
all those exists in this world shall come to an end
But losing an Angel in this world,
wasn't something I expected

and almost one year ago,
was your time to went home,
I realized that..

What I didn't know was..
How I shocked for your leavings
and the fact that gone the way of nature,
can really break one's happiness

In a blink of an eye,
that emotions broke my heart half to death
and my body felt so empty, light and airily, that it could fly away with the wind blows..

...Summer has took over my wonderful windy season...

On my first teardrop,
I'm sending a long goodbye message
for the joy and happiness you brought to my life

I'm not try to complaining,
Though it seems your time was too short for us on Earth
They said you've been a great music icon, and we've been a loyal fans
But what they didn't knew is,
It was you that made us greater and more loyal
You taught us love, the meaning of love,
and the power of love...
And how come we couldn't not love you!

So long, my love..
You were from Him, not you went home to see Him..
You were always there since I was born,
And for almost one year, I'm still learning how to live without your existence..

Good bye, my love..
my soul of comfort,
my heart of peace,
my warrior of life,
my beautiful angel...


  1. This is just so beautiful. I'm speechless by the truth of your words. Thank u very much. <3

  2. So touching... you were able to put in words the thoughts of many of us. Thank you ♥

  3. Beautiful poem.. That's what we feel exactly.. Thank you very much.. It's all for LOVE ♥ :)


  4. Thank you, Soso, Susanne, and Venice, I really didn't expect for this fabulous responses :)

    When it comes to Michael, we all have the same feelings... <3