Letter for Michael

Every breath I take,
and every thoughts I have
are the love you shared,
that made me stepped ahead

You were there when life turned me down...
Through your reflection of life you gave me strength
By way of your wisdom words you brought me the light
And never I stop thanking God,
for shared you in my life...

You taught me to learn to live, and never look back
To aim my goals, and reach my star
To smile in ache, and laugh with tears
And to love others the way you loved

I praise you thousand words with joy and smile
Cause 'Thank you' seems never be enough to tell
Promise that my love for you shall never come to an end
Thus missing you is how I feel...

I can't describe it well,
far from perfect as you can tell..
More than words, to describe I love you most
I'm so sorry, lovely Michael... I am lost words...

These tears are the honest truth
Screaming your name to come back without a due
I know it's useless, but please just let me try...
for the umpteenth time.... (*sigh*).. as I least I tried...


  1. This is a great blog, so informative and open. I commend you on your hard work. Reading it is a pleasure because it encapsulates the true spirt and purpose of Michaels heart. Michael would be proud to know that he has true friends such as yourself standing up for him.

  2. Awh, I don't know if I can accept your lovely words.. Thank you...
    And thank you for being a dear friend.. :)