Keeping his legacies alive, or keeping your MJ-Collection updated?

Keeping his legacies alive, or keeping your MJ-Collection updated?

I want to share my opinion about boycott and not boycott $ony.
I'm not an expert to discuss "why we should boycott $ony", the true-Justice-seekers-for-MJ has it on their page here http://mjfansboycottsony.weebly.com/ and also from @777MJJ's twitlonger , as I am still educate myself by reading those articles and links..
And why am I writing this? Because I'm sick with those who claim that they're NOT BOYCOTTING $ONY because they want to keep his legacies alive.

Here's my thought:
1. When they say "to keep his legacies alive", probably they had read the reasons why we should BOYCOTT $ONY, and so they knew that the best way is NOT buy the unreleased songs' album
2. But then, there have been emotional dilemma whether they should buy or not buy the new album because it is our responsibilities to keep Michael's legacies alive forever and ever.
3. IMO, there are many ways to keep Michael's legacies alive, for instance: A million tree for Michael, or charities on behalf Michael's name, the Heal The World Foundation, or even doing mob flash.. Any thing that dedicated for Michael... and consistency is the main thing.

Yes, the world would questioned why the new album not hit the records, but ALSO will make them wondering of "WHY are the fans not buying it"..!

BUT, THEN... the world sees those many actions on behalf Michael's name,
and this new album doesn't reach the TOP CHART,
it'd probably followed by even more questioning,
And we will answer, "Because $ony murdered Michael!!"

Right, the message is to BOYCOTT not only the album, but also all $ONY's products.
BUT, when the album released, it'd be the moment where people around the world will hear our message and understand what $ONY had done to Michael.

Yes, we keep boycott all $ONY products, though realistically it only gives small impact on their sales profit.
THEN when they release this Sony's so-called MJ-new album where people put their eyes only on its album AND its sales achievement, it would be a PERFECT TIMING for us to unite and BOYCOTT. Shout it out loud, let the world hear our MESSAGE!


Besides, here are "Few of Thousand Ways to Keep Michael Legacies Alive"...

Video: Heal The World For Children 2010

A Million Trees For Michael http://www.amilliontreesformichael.com/
(on their FB, dated Sept 9th, 2010)
"...The final talley for that account was 2,525 trees, which is just amazing! I won't have the latest figures from American Forests until Monday but I can certainly say that our beloved Michael would be so happy and proud of us for this wonderful, extraordinary birthday gift! We received donations from children who donated one or two dollars from their piggy banks as well as from some very generous donors, many of whom donated several times!..."

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPNE41tXV6A =>





Transcript of the video:
King: "My name is King, I'm 8 years old from Jakarta. I want to perform Michael Jackson's moves. If King [I] win, [the rewards] will be saved for future investment, for Mom and Dad, and for those poor people."
Jury: "Hi... what's your name, dear?"
King: King
Jury: "And what will you do here..?"
King: "Michael Jackson, performing!"
Jury: "Uh...how long have you been learn on Michael Jackson's?"
King: "Since 7 years old"
Jury: "7 years old.. and how old are you right now?"
King: 8 years old
Jury: "Ok.. ready?"
King: "Ready!"
Jury: "Seriously, did you learn it by yourself?"
King: Yes!
Jury: Wow.. [King].. Where's your Mom? Ask her to come here..
[King's mother on the stage]
Jury: Where's your dad?
King: There, the one with camera
Jury: [Asking to the Mother] Is it true that he learned it by himself?
King: Yes
Jury: Ok, you can read and write, right?
King: I can
Jury: You can... YES or NO [asking to others]?
Jury2: Absolutely YES
Jury: Definitely YES
Jury3: Hey, King, don't get this wrong, you got 3 (three) YES tonight!!

And there are many many many ways to keep Michael legacies alive.
So, don't tell me that buying $ONY's album of Michael's unreleased songs is the ONLY way to keep Michael legacies alive.
The question is: "Keeping his legacies alive, or keeping your MJ-Collections updated?"

BOYCOTT those who KILLED Michael!
$ONY NEVER intend to keep his legacies alive, they even didn't want to publish a charity song, remember?!! They only after for $M$O$N$E$Y$

"Maybe you and I can't do great things
We may not change the world in one day
But we still can change some things today
In our small way"
~Michael Jackson~ "In Our Small Way"


  1. tbh i havent read all of your article, i just scanned it cause i already have my own personal feelings on how i feel on the boycott stuff and it stresses me out thinking about it, so didnt wanna read through all of it, but you seem like a level-headed blogger so i just thought id comment quickly with my thoughts.
    on one hand i agree with you-fans MUST remember that L.O.V.E is not about how many records posters or memorabilia you have, its about your dedication to the man that is Michael Jackson. i really am not the type of fan who goes out to buy a record or item just to have it in my collection, i only buy what i need or if i spot something on ebay i really really fall in love with etc etc-only receently i nearly fell out with some friends cause they were buying a "tribute" mag published by the people behind national enquirer bcause "they liked the photos"
    but on the other hand im not really for the boy cotting stuff,in fact its really beginning to irritate me.
    im not gona stop people from buying or not buying SONY products, if they feel better not buying it then by all means go for it!but i only hope those wanting to boycott would be aware that firstly,MJ had sorted out the issue with SONY long before his passing. so why are people wanting to boycott it now?im sure those boycotting it now are the same ones who were buying every SONY record under the sun before Michael's passing. shouldnt we not have boycotted it YEARS ago?
    secondly,i hope they are aware that boycotting would mean going into clubs, shops and bars and other public places and requesting that they dont play Michael Jackson or any other artist signed to SONY- this would obviously be VERY hard an not really very beneficial to artists in the charts now, as well as Michael of course.

  2. Hello, anonymous..
    On Michael's behalf, i don't think it should be boycotted years before, the profit still goes to Michael, and he needed it, thus it was $ony who had boycotted him on his INVINCIBLE album at the first place.. And now, the profit go to the Estate (according to the [fake] will).. hmmff..
    Right, that'd be very hard to do but will be totally awesome if we can do that (not requesting any of $ony's), tho I still think that buy or not buy the album would be a perfect moment to deliver our message.. Yes, it's about the 'momentum' when we all unite not to buy that new album..
    And anyway, I wrote this because I read so many that some people say they gonna buy it to keep his legacies alive, totally disagree with it.
    Hey, thanks btw..

  3. First of all thank you very much.
    About Michael's legacy - my opinion is that it's alive and it cannot be put out since Michael Jackson is part of the world culture in so many ways.
    He inspired generations of artists (we can all agree musical landscape would be pretty different if not for him. He inspired changes on how artists dealt and related to big music publishers (in other words he empowered artists). He broke down so many barriers, changed radio formats and so on.
    He is a symbol for people of all races - he inspired people to fight against ignorance and discrimination from the US to the Middle East from Eastern Europe to Africa. All over the world you will find millions ready to talk about what Michael meant to them and how he inspired them.
    He raised awareness to children and other social issues promoting a positive message against all criticism and attacks.
    LOVE is his legacy.

    Buying an album or not buying it (talking about releases from now on) is just a matter of personal choice.
    For me, Michael's art is a source of joy - all this fighting back and forth is a bit of an overreaction.
    Don't get me wrong I'm not advocating for either of the sides.
    I believe in fighting for justice and against any attempt to do wrong against Michael's name or legacy.
    But no matter what no one will be ever able to deny it.
    Only if we forget about LOVE.
    Then we lose and nobody wins.
    Lets focus on spreading his message and help the children of the world.
    Sony has been making money of Michael since a long time ago. Keep and eye out for fakes and attempts of manipulation and support his family (children).
    I apologize if my words offend anybody is just my humble opinion.

    Thank you again.

    It's all for LOVE.

  4. Thank you for sharing, Michaela
    You're right, LOVE is his legacy..
    I must say that I agree with you although not 100%, and.. I will not force anyone not to buy this so-called-MJ-new-album, one must educate oneself about this core issue and make his/her own opinion..

    Right, LOVE is the main lesson that Michael always taught us,
    but he also said to speak up the truth, to faith against injustice, and to fight on something we believe.. He exposed his feud with $ony, he knew the conspiracy behind all his life, he wanted to leave $ony, he fought the injustice towards him... but... then came his sudden death.. and who will continue this fightings besides the fans? It's really hurt to know all the truth that had happened to him...

    You know that his words are my second bible, he inspired me in every aspects of my life, and when I tried to ignore all this things, the voice of Michael when he said, "I'm afraid of my life" keeps haunting me!! :'(

    Yes, there are many speculations, but to buy or not to buy, and like I told other tweeps,This is an emotional-decision for me... Let say Michael was our father, our brother, our best friend, or our lover, would we support the killer, the one that keeps exploit him even in his death?

    I'm sorry, Mihaela, I can not just focus on the Love messages.. for me, this message also important, for him..

    We may disagree on several things, but let his Love keeps us together, and I respect your opinion.
    Thank you :)

  5. Yes !!!
    Exactly - thank you so much.
    Yes fight for justice, truth, against greed = all for LOVE.
    That is what i meant.
    All of the above - all you said.
    All I'm saying is we need to change a bit the perspective. Instead of fighting among ourselves about this we should stand together to spread those messages.
    We are very different and have different ways to act.
    Our response is emotional and I agree with what you said. And our views meet on common ground but with nuances.

    And thank you for creating this space. And thank you for you love.

    Let's debate and educate each other.