”I believe I’m one of the loneliest people in the world" ~ Michael Jackson ~

Maintain your love for someone who deserves to be loved is a common thing, but sometimes we are blinded by other sweet words about him.
Yes, I am talking about Michael Jackson, the most lovable person that ever lived in this unkind world..

Once he said, “I believe I’m one of the loneliest people in the world. … Success definitely brings on loneliness. It’s true.”.. Thus we said, “You are not alone, Michael” referring from his song, but the truth is he was alone, completely alone! I used to weep every time I realize that he was alone as my expression of my guilty feelings that I haven’t done anything when he was alive, but No, not this time.. I’ll weep for the poverty, for the cruel world, for the sick planet, but will stand up to speak the truth about Michael, by his own words...

I’m keeping his words as my 2nd bible, thus I wont being hypocrite saying I still have my holy bible to guide my life ~ Though I use his words as the truth between the circulated lies around his life.
"I've met a lot people in my life..and very few are real-real friends. You could probably count 'em in one hand...".
Now, let us count how many family members he had. Yes, more than “one hand”....
He continued, “And Elizabeth is one of the most loyal, loving, caring people that I know.”
... minus ‘one’, leave only 4 Michael’s real friends - I hope one of it is his family member, or else.. ”I believe I’m one of the loneliest people in the world”

Is it true that his family exploited Michael Jackson’s name for their own benefit?
Tho, some of MJfam keep supporting his family, sometimes with excuses: “It’s Michael’s family, Michael loved them very much”... Indeed, Michael truly loved them..
But aren’t you wondering why he wrote, "I had always shouldered a lot of responsibility, but it suddenly seemed that everyone wanted a piece of me.", about his family..

On the other hand, we heard that Michael said nice things about family:
- "Without your family, you have nothing." ~ Michael Jackson, 2001
- "Every brother, sister is completely different, like any family, you have all the different elements… that’s what makes it a family." ~ Michael Jackson ~
- "Family is everything. It’s love. It’s what we were taught. We’re friends at the end of the day, which is important. Other than what the public or press people say, we’re friends. We love each other very much." ~ Michael Jackson ~

And, the most powerful words of how he felt about his family: "I love my family very much."

... and here's some excerpts from My Family,The Jacksons book, written by Katherine Jackson [from @Justice4MJJ's tweets] and Moonwalk

From KJ’s book: as serious as Michael sounded,that wasn’t the stage addict that I knew~believing that under this facade of reticence lurked a Michael raring to perform again, I decided to try some gentle persuasion. "Just think about doing the tour”, a few days later I brought up the subject again. Sensing his receptiveness I said: "Michael, I’d like for you to do it. The brothers need you"
MJ: "Okay Mother, he replied, if you want me to, I will".~KJ pg.110-111

=> Quoting from Justice4MJJ remark: “bc he [MJ] had blind love 4 u [KJ]!”
Well, it surely the explanation why Michael said this: ”For some reason I always found it very difficult to say No to my family and the other people I loved. I would be asked to do something or take care of something & I would agree, even if I worried that it might be more than I could handle." ~ Michael Jackson ~

From KJ’s book: Joe[]..it was clear[]..that he wanted the same things I'd dreamed of myself as a would - be entertainer : fame & fortune"
pg. 58 "Joe, we've got to get them a recording contract before they get too old", I fretted.~KJ in 1968

And again, compare to Moonwalk where he said:
"I was a child supporting my family. My father took the money. Some of the money was put aside for me, but a lot of the money was put back into the entire family. I was just working the whole time." ~ Michael Jackson ~
=> A so-called family? or politely says: Business-Family?

From KJ’s book: "...he was suffering through the usual teen DRAMAS" ~ KJ

Yes, Mam, a VERY USUAL TEEN DRAMAS that he wrote this in his biography: "I was carrying a heavy burden for nineteen. My family was relying on me more and more as far as business & creative decisions were concerned," ~ Michael Jackson ~
We all had 19 once in our life, do we think that he had an “usual teen drama”?

I’m not attempting to attack anyone, nor Katherine or the Jacksons
At the beginning, I always hope that Katherine would support justice for Michael, but then I was shocked when she decided to publish “Never Say Goodbye”, I wish her efforts on that book could be transform into seeking justice for his lovely son. Sometimes the truth hurts more than lies...

And for the 3rd time I quoted MJwords again, ”I believe I’m one of the loneliest people in the world”......

"I had always shouldered a lot of responsibility, but it suddenly seemed that everyone wanted a piece of me. There wasn't that much to go around, and I needed to be responsible to myself. I had to take stock of my life and figure out what people wanted from me and to whom I was going to give wholly. It was a hard thing for me to do, but I had to learn to be wary of the people around me. God was at the top of my list of priorities, and my mother and father and brothers and sisters followed. I was reminded of that old song by Clarence Carter called 'Patches', where the oldest son is asked to take care of the farm after his father dies and his mother tells him she's depending on him. Well, we weren't the sharecroppers and I wasn't the oldest, but those were slim shoulders on which to place such burdens. For some reason I always found it very difficult to say no to my family and the other people I loved. I would be asked to do something or take care of something and I would agree, even if I worried that it might be more than I could handle" ~
Michael Jackson ~ [Moonwalk]


  1. Big applause for this wonderful job!! thank you!!!! xoxo

  2. Loneliness is a state of mind. He was always surrounded by people, even if they were employees, so he was never really alone but rarely was he with people who understood him; hence the loneliness.

    With reference to "teen drama", I am sure his mother was referring to issues like his bad acne, which affected his personality. It must have been hell to be a famous entertainer and be plagued with skin breakouts.

    With regards to Katherine's new book, apparently she admitted she wrote it because she needed the money... she has huge expenses because of the households she is supporting. Also, she obviously wanted to write a beautiful book about her beautiful son, so I am not surprised she didn't write something that involved the fight for justice and the ugliness of a court case. There are others who will do that, let this mother simply revisit the beauty in her child.

  3. @Anne-Sophie: Thank you, dear... :)

    @Nicke: on Loneliness is a state of mind, definitely agree with you.
    Yes, i hope she was referring to his acne, though the word 'drama' seems more than just acne problem. I remember when he accepted the Grammy Legend Award and said, "when you grow up, as I did, in front of one hundred million people since the age of five, you're automatically different.", that thing reminds me that whatever the drama was, it's must be not a common drama.. I've learnt that anyone should passed his/her psychological development stages in their life so one can have a normal life, but I guess Michael missed several stages..

    Oh, I didn't knew she had admitted that, do you have the source/link for me to read?
    Although she wanted to remember her son in her own way, however justice-for-Michael issues had been part of Michael's life for years.. I mean, if 'others who will do that', why not his family..?
    Btw, thank you for your comment and visited my blog..