Every"Some".. should unite together

Some of MJfam in twitland are seeking and fighting justice for Michael...
Some, just want to make friends with those who has the same feelings for Michael...
Some, just want to share their feelings and thoughts about Michael...
And some, want to spread Michael's legacies to keep it alive...
pic from It's All for Love blog

We all have different missions for Michael, the main thing we must remember is that we need to be united as MJfamily, as he said: "It's been my dreams since I was a child to somehow UNITE people of the WORLD through love and music"
Unite for justice, unite for peace, unite for Michael.. Let the world see that MJfam is the most loyal, faithful, dedicated, and loving family.
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And remember, non-MJfans might see us as Michael's ambassadors :)

But please, this is NOT "The Most Followers-Contest" nor a place to take one down in insulting and attacking others...
"When people's minds are clouded by anger or hatred, no angel can reach them." ~ Michael Jackson ~

Just saying is much more easier than doing concrete action..
But, if we all agree, at least, we are stepping in the same direction :)


I You We

I said you had to do it. You said you didn't want to. We talked about it, and we agreed that maybe I could help.

I said you were wrong. You insisted you were right. We held each other's hand, and right and wrong disappeared.

I began crying. You began crying, too. We embraced, and between us grew a flower of peace.
How I love this mystery called We! Where does it come from, out of thin air? I thought about this mystery, and I realized something : We must be love's favorite child, because until I reach out for you, We is not even there. It arrives on the wings of tenderness : it speaks through our silent understanding. When I laugh at myself, it smiles. When I forgive you, it dances in jubilation.

So We is not a choice anymore, not if you and I want to grow with one another. We unites us, increases our strength; it picks up our burden when you and I are ready to let it fall.
The truth is that you and I would have given up long ago, but We won't let us. It is too wise. "Look into your hearts," it says. "What do you see? Not you and I, but only We."


  1. Thank you so much for this reminder.... Yes, we all are ONE. Let´s take care for that "WE".

  2. Indeed...
    Thank you for stopping by, it's all for Michael, it's all for love and peace..