Life is about Perception, through a camera

MJ: The tabloid press ... that kind of press .. Not the press ... the tabloids ... the paparazzi ... that type. I've been running for my life like that ... hiding, getting away. You can't go that way cause they're over there ... well let's go this way and pretend we're going that way ... and we'll go that way. Somebody should say, " Hold on! Stop! This person deserves their privacy. You are not allowed to go there!" I go around the world dealing with running and hiding. You can't ... I can't take a walk in the park ... I can't go to the store ... you can't ... I have to hide in the room. You feel like you're in prison.
BW: What's been the most intrusive thing? What's the worst?
MJ: They always have been ... they go as far as to hide things into places. They'll slide a machine up under the toilet ... tch, tch, tch, tch [Michael makes a sound effect like clicking a camera] ... and you go, "Oh, my God!" They've done that.
BW: When you came into this hotel, you had to come in ... or you felt you had to come in ... through the kitchen.
MJ: I've been doing it for years. In many lobbies, I have never seen the front door. Never.

Just want to share a story tale about Michael from Margena A. Christan, a EBONY senior writer -- @MargenaXan

When I visited Los Olivos, Calif., where MJ's Neverland Ranch was located, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice everyone in town appeared.

While staying at a little hotel there, I met a hotel worker. He was also a photographer.
He told me how MJ would often walk around town alone. Everyone knew him. Nobody bothered him. He LOVED nature and people.

The man also taught photography at a local college in Los Olivos. He recalled meeting MJ.
The man told me that MJ was very fascinated with his camera. He wanted to hold it and examine it. MJ asked him lots of questions.

Like most Virgos, he was inquisitive. The man said that MJ was a joy to speak with. He wanted to see the photographer's work.

A small detail though it may be, the man was delighted that MJ took an interest in photography.
The man said he asked how everything on the camera worked. He studied it closely. MJ was also pleased to learn the man was a professor.

What stood out most about meeting the man was how he held on to the fact that MJ was so "normal." How MJ was a "regular" guy.

At the front gate of Neverland, I met many of MJ's neighbors. One told me, "He'd come out and stand where you are and talk to us."
He had so much land that he'd rent space so the neighbors could allow their animals a place on Neverland.

Life is about perception. The world saw MJ as a "freak" and "strange" person. I never saw him that way. The people I met didn't either.
The glass really is half full. It's how you view things. MJ was a man full of questions. He was a man who enjoyed learning about a camera.
His fascination seems to make sense now. His entire life folks chased him around w/a camera hoping to get picture.

Little things in life mean so much. Understanding the enemy, in MJ's case the camera, might have been important for him. Who knows?

Story tale from @MargenaXan's tweets

"I can look at a painting and lose myself. It pulls you in, all the pathos and drama. It communicates with you. You can sense what the artist was feeling.
I feel the same way about photography.
A poignant or strong photograph can speak volumes."
~ Michael Jackson ~

Any picture can give you many perceptions on your mind, though most of the time it depends how the photographer captures the images. Sadly, the media/tabloids make pictures of Michael to earn money, get ratings and for their own fame without even try to touch the essence of the man himself.

"I just hope that one day that they will be fair and portray me the way I really am,
just a loving and peaceful guy wanting to make wonderful, unprecedented entertainment and songs and music and film for the world, you know that's all I wanna do,
I am no threat, I just wanna do that, that's all I wanna do.
I want to be a joy to the world."
~ Michael Jackson ~

What is it that so hard to see him fairly? He had gave his life for the world, and for the children!!

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