Won't be Fooled Again

There's a connection of $ony, AEG, the Estate, and even Kenny Ortega because they are the ones behind Michael's sudden death, it's all conspiracy!!
Do you believe it's all conspiracy? A long time conspiracy against Michael...
"But there’s a lot of conspiracy, I’ll say that – conspiracy going on as we speak."
~ Michael Jackson, 2005"

And, imo, that quote still applicable even after his death...
Though I'm not an expert of the conspiracy theory, or even the conspiracy-against-Michael theory, but I read! Esp. the mjfansboycottsony site, and the more I read, the more puzzling my head became.. Then I turned back to watch and read his words, and... Yupe, there it is:
"..My level of trust will change. And ah, there’s a lot of conspiracy going on. I’ll say that much. A lot of it..... All around me."
~ Michael Jackson, 2005 ~
I don't even know how did they do this to Michael, but I just feel that I won't ever betray Michael, thus I already did once: watched the TII movie.

A new friend of mine said that her father is also a huge fan of Michael, and she said that her father refused to watch TII because it's not Michael's film. Of course she shared that story with her peculiar face of showing that she feels weird about her father's decision, BUT, on contrary, it was like a slap on my face! She got me there, her father is right!!!

My mind went here and there, the questions of: "why her father thought that way?", "What brought it to his mind?", "Does he know about this conspiracy?"
- on my last question, I doubt he knows it, her father is a pilot, and the issue about the conspiracy never had in our media headlines, and I don't think he has the chance for social network either..

And at the end, I wish that I can be like her father..
He uses his logical thinking above the consume behavior based on emotional feelings.
When I decided to watch TII, I was on the state of missing someone I love (as I still missing him now).. I watched 3 times, two of them are with my friends, and the last one was just me and myself - it was when these tears can't hardly stop.....
My emotion beat my logical thinking. Did Michael ever blessed this movie?!! He was killed to do this movie..!

Hm, here we go, the conspiracy cover up with excuses of "We're doing it for the fans", ~ A so-called-new-MJ-album is about to finish and ready to be released by $ony.
Oh, c'mon, WHAT MORE CAN HE GIVE? He had given all his life for the world, and the fans, and for $ony either!

And that Breaking News, which is definitely NOT Michael's voice, is just another emphasis that $ony NEVER intend to keep Michael's legacy alive, they're only after for the big M; $-MONEY-$!

They GOT me once, but I won't be fooled for the second time!
Are you...?

".... being the artist that I am, at $ony I've generated several billion dollars for $ony. Several billon. They really thought that my mind is always on music and dancing, it usually is, but they never thought.... that this performer myself would out think them.

So... we can't let them get away with what they're trying to do, because now I'm a free agent. I just owe $ony one more album, it's just a box set, really, with two new songs which I've written ages ago. Because for every album that I record, I write like, literally, I'm telling you the truth, I write.... I write at least 120 songs every album I do, so... I can do the box set, just giving them any two songs.

So I'm leaving $ony, a free agent... owning half of $ony, I own half of $ony's Publishing... And I'm leaving them, and they... they're very angry at me, because I, I just... I just did good business, you know.

So the way they get revenge is to try and destroy my album. But I've always said, you know... art, good art, never dies.
Thank you."
~ Michael Jackson, 2002 ~

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