Some of Michael's attributes

"My attitude is if fashion says it's forbidden, I'm going to do it."
~Michael Jackson~

I posted an article of my experience on How Michael Touches lil' Kid's Heart, and few days ago, my friend shared an article about Michael's attributes, which is written in French.

And she translated it for me, here it is:

1) Michael sometimes let affix on the epaulettes of his shirt the letters CTE that means Children of The Earth... this is a way to remind his engagement in favor of the childhood.

Now completely understand why the little kid [How Michael Touches lil' Kid's Heart] recognized my CTE shirt right away.
Because he knew that shirt is about him, about his community, the Children of The Earth...

2) Michael often wore numerous wristbands. One of these bracelets of red colour meant he made part of the "Kaballe" that is a Judaism branch which is well known for the scientific and mathematical interpretation of the Bible

3 ) During his career Michael learnt how to attract the attention during his performance, the eye of the audience is attracted by lights and is searching for bright colors. This is why he used this clothing strategy, to guide the public eye to his feet and fingers while dancing.
Therefore he wore white socks under too short pants and....

also sticking plaster on the top of his fingers.

4) Michael Jackson declared that he would have worn an armband for solidarity with the children that suffer and die every day in the world.

Time passing he has integrate this element to his suits, matching its colour with the clothes.

And from Michael's own words:

"The next day I called my management office and said, 'Please order me a spy's hat, like a cool fedora - something that a secret agent would wear.' I wanted something sinister and special, a real slouchy kind of hat. I still didn't have a very good idea of what I was going to do with 'Billie Jean.'
During the Thriller sessions, I had found a black jacket, and I said, 'You know, someday I'm going to wear this to perform. It was so perfect and so show business that I wore it on Motown 25."
~ Michael Jackson ~

"I had been wearing a single glove for years before Thriller.
I felt that one gloves was cool. Wearing two gloves seemed so ordinary, but a single glove was different and was definitely a look."
"It's so show business that one glove. I love wearing it."
~ Michael Jackson ~

Phillip Bloch said
"Michael Jackson was not influenced by fashion,
fashion was influenced by him."

Special thanks for my dear friend, Susanne ~ Thank you very very much ~


  1. In the way you did this, with the appropriate photo's, you made of this article a beautiful and very well explained, interesting story. Thank you Dhede!!
    Your BFF Susanne <3

  2. Don't thanked me, I thank you for translating this article :)
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