Movie: Michael Jackson's Life

After his passed, I wonder if Michael Jackson's lifetime story was a movie and he was the leading actor... then I would ask God, as the producer and director, a few questions,

"Where did you found this magnificent person?!!"

"Hm.. Did You taught him about life-endurance before? Because it seems this movie has the most long-hours movie ever!!"

"When did he took his break or day-off? He looks like had worked all day and night, and never got a chance to take a rest, You know.."

"And this probably my last question, Weren't you push him too hard in this lifetime movie? Well, someone needs a vacation after doing such an overtime-work for many years, right..?"

"Owh, sorry, I still have one more question, is there anyone like him in this Earth? We need someone exactly like him, the Planet Earth need him.. and Me...,I need him..."

"By the way, I love every scenes of him, marvelous job!! From the family conflicts with the awards achievements he had received, then the press abused him, Neverland and those children - [this is amusing!] Owh, also the trials he has gone through, and his lil' family with Prince, Paris and Blanket [this is really touching...] And don't forget all the conspiracies he had to deal with, the vicious system and unkind world..

WAIT, I kinda confuse here, Are you making a warrior movie? hm.. I guess not.. drama? ~ It must be more than just an ordinary drama or soup opera, right? ... Hm, romantic-kind of movie? comedy? owh, thriller? ok, I'm lost here...

I might say it's A Story of a Living Angel.."

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